Bo Boutique has an eclectic mix of jewellery on offer year round, collected by business owner Jo Hobden on her yearly travels around India and Asia. She hand picks all her pieces and over the years has developed skills in macrame and silver-smithing, which she has used to craft her own design and style.

Jo is a connoisseur of all things to adorn oneself with, beginning her love for collecting jewellery from different cultures on her travels in her early twenties. Since then she goes on annual ‘treasure hunt’s’ abroad, making regular visits to Rajasthan to hand pick crystals and rare gemstones, then passes through the seasonal Goa hippy markets and then on to explore new places discovering traditional handmade accessories and finding new inspiration for her own designs along the way.

The selection of jewellery in her range vary from one off hand-picked pieces specific to a particular region, culture or indigenous tribe, to her own handmade inspired macrame designs. In particular Jo is drawn to the North Africa Tuareg tribes silverwork and use of triangular forms. The pastoral nomadic tribe embed a lot of symbolism into their pieces which reflect their deep connection with the landscape they inhabit. The stones, crystals and ethnic pendants that form centre-pieces in Jo’s macrame work are often selected not just for their aesthetic look but also for their particular healing energies or symbolism of protection and good fortune, for example. Her necklaces are particularly striking, unique one-off designs incorporating precious stones such as tiger eye, labradorite, lapis and rose quartz with intricate macrame and brass-bead work. As well as macrame bracelets and anklets she sells an array of big clunky and small delicate, silver and brass rings in a diversity of designs, incorporating precious stones, feather, leaf and snake inspired etching.

When Jo is not scouring the world for beautiful and rare ethnic and tribal jewellery, she can be found on her Bo Boutique stall at London’s Brick lane market on Saturdays and Sundays unless she is selling at a festival ( see her website for details). Now based in the South West, living and working and playing in Bristol, look out for her in local pop-up shops and Bristol-based festive one-off markets and events too. Her website and facebook page Bo Boutique will keep you up to date with her latest outlets and discoveries abroad. Most recently, after an intrepid 800 mile bike ride to Istanbul from Corfu Jo has brought back a selection of traditional Kilim pillow cases and organic cotton and bamboo Hamman towels.

It is important to Jo to keep up with current trends and fashions in the UK market and festive scenes as well as keep alive her love of discovering and sharing rare and ancient designs and in jewellery making from around the world. With a beady eye for beautiful, authentic and unusual pieces, Jo also values the old ways of jewellery wearing as a form of adornment and self-expression, which most importantly, these days, is to have fun with.